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"To the best of our ability, represent, educate, guide and protect our clients through the planning, design, permitting, construction and commissioning phases of a project in a way that best meets their needs of quality, budget, schedule, indoor environmental quality and environmental responsibility." there is a better way

Our History

Sandpebble is an over forty-seven year old construction project management firm with a uniquely collaborative approach grounded in owner advocacy and total transparency. This methodology has been a key ingredient in several LEED® platinum and gold certified projects which we have completed to date. Managing projects from initial conception through referendum (if applicable), design, permitting, bidding, construction and move in, the Company oversees the entire process through the eyes of its clients. The development of this approach has been based on our theory that without an advocate, it is difficult, if not impossible, for an owner with limited construction knowledge to realize optimum value during the design and construction of a project. We feel quite strongly that a project manager's goals must be aligned with its client's. For this reason, our compensation is never a percentage of a project's cost. Were this not the case, it would be difficult, at best, for us to remain proactive in finding the best value for them. We believe strongly in the collaborative approach to a project as an effective way to optimize and integrate the efforts and abilities of the owner and all the other team members. This integration becomes a pre-requisite on high performance building projects where the traditional linear method has been shown to be ineffective. In addition, this approach has proven to be very successful in eliminating the vast majority of surprises that often appear on a project. We believe that we are all smarter together than we are by ourselves